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Benjamin Clark’s Drum Book 1797 BCD-bk

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Benjamin Clark’s Drum Book 1797, Containing Thirty-six Drum Beatings from the Year 1797
by Bob Castillo and Susan Cifaldi (1989, 64 pages )

18th-century drum beatings (29 march beatings and 7 military calls) from Benjamin Clark’s manuscript notebook presented with their associated tunes in modern notation. This important manuscript has many threads in common with the later drum instructor, Levi Lovering. Historical background and bibliography included.

Contents: White Cockade, Trim the Velvet, The Buttonhole, Baltimore, The French King, Washington, Scotch Favorite, There is Nae Luck About the House, The Quick Step, The Peacock, None of My House, Ladies Dance, Jack a Jolly Drummer, Peggy Band a Retreat, Barron de Stuben, The 7 Stars, Hobernob, Success to the Campaign, Morilla, The Woodcutter, Massachusetts, The Drumers Call, TheParley, The American Volunteer, The Marinett, The Doctor, The Macarona, Cuba, Laracrocky, Double Dutch, Mount Vernon, Minerva, Johnson, Irish Brigade, Loag in the Water, My Love She is, Ladies Breastknot, Fifers Masterpiece, Rogues March, Over the Hills and Across the Valleys, A Salute, First Serjents Call, Paddy Whack, The Bold Hilander, Song of the Shepard, Happy Lover, Boston Rabil, On the Roads to Boston, and several untitled beatings.

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