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Music of the Charles Carroll Family, 1785-1832 CCC-cd

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In this recording you will hear music from the library of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, one of Maryland's four Signers of the Declaration of Independence. The selections are typical of early American repertory just after the Revolution. Program notes offer historical background, a list of musical sources, and details concerning the instruments and selections.
      These vocal and instrumental pieces were recorded using period and authentic reproduction instruments: violin, English and Baroque guitars, harpsichord, pianoforte, organ, recorder, and hammered dulcimer.

        Finale from The Poor Soldier
        In Gaudy Courts from Rosina
        Fy, Gar Rub Her O’er with Strae
        Flowers of the Forest
        No Scornful Beauty
        Voluntary III by J. Stanley
        An Thou Wert My Ain Thing
        The Carrollton March by P. Corri
        Carroll’s 2 of April / Carroll’s Thoughts on Eternityplay button
        Carroll’s Maggot
        Katherine Ogie
        Maggie Lauder
        Gala Water
        Gig by Larini
        When Bidden to the Wake or Fair from Rosina
        Water Parted from the Sea from Arne’s Artaxerxes
        Variations on God Save the King by C. Wesley.



“These recordings will never go out of date . . .” —The Society for American Music Bulletin


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