Sunday, October 22, 2017
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Learn more about the instruments we play and hear a sample, or read some reviews and endorsements (these features  to become available again soon).
conducts and promotes research and educational outreach in the fields of early American music & dance.  This website contains:
     free on-line databases & other resource materials for students, teachers and fellow scholars
books, DVDs and audio recordings for sale at retail
(music & dance, colonial era through 1812)
the performance schedule of David & Ginger Hildebrand, plus booking and contact information [here is brief a summary of their 34-year joint career]
CMI is grounded upon primary research enlightened by interdisciplinary scholarship,  disseminated through scholarly writing, authentic performances, and sound recordings made to the highest standards.  CMI was founded in 1999 by David & Ginger and Kate Van Winkle Keller and Robert M. Keller.

Here is David's academic c.v. click here

click here for review of ballad concert in Worcester, Mass.

David's book "Musical Maryland" is now finally scheduled for publication via Johns Hopkins University Press this coming spring.  Big deal, and more forthcoming.